Researching Vienna Records at the Center for Jewish History in New York City #austria-czech


Hi everyone,

as some of you might know, the Center for Jewish History in New York City
has a large amount of microfilm available, including for Vienna. As some of
my family lived in Vienna, I figured I could try going through the microfilm
there and see what I find. But before I do so, I wanted to check with
everyone here and see if they could help me out.

I especially could use some figuring out what microfilm I should specifically
go through: the years I'm looking for cover around 1915-1928 (although
depending on how much time I have I could go up to the Anschluss), and my
ancestors lived at various points at Judengasse, Storheckgasse, and Meiselstr.
If someone can tell me what district of Vienna those streets are in, I
would really appreciate it.

Could someone who used those records before also tell me any tips on how to
use them. I know there's an index to the records, but should I expect any
difficulties using the index and records?

And lastly, in the event the Center doesn't have a record I'm looking for,
can someone tell me how I could order the microfilm I would need and have it sent to the Center?

Thanks again for your time.

Jacob Heisler.
Norwalk, CT.

P.S. If anyone is wondering, the names I'm interested in are FISH/FISCH,

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