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Israel Holdengraeber <bpih@...>

I wish to express my great appreciation for the project you are undertaki=
I cannot find the words. Hopefully some others will take you as an exampl=
especially institutions (in Israel) whose job is to do this for the Jewis=
h nation.=20
Considering so many years of neglect and devastation of the European=20
Jewish graveyards, it is about time for a worldwide national effort.

Several years ago i visited the native vilage of my father-in-law near Ko=
He hardly remembered where the Jewish cemetery was. Then by a miracle,=20
by the side of a relatively new road by the christian cemetery we found=20
several Jewish stones almost completely buried and overgrown by vegetatio=

And more than a miracle, one of them was of his younger brother who died=20
as child before WWII.

I assume now that either the stones served as construction material by th=
vilagers or they're buried under the pavement. That's why stones must be=20
recorded all over Europe, AND FAST.

My oppinion (wishful thinking).=20

And professional and we, sparetime, genalogists can and can/should be par=
of the taskforce (this way or another). I see so many people all over the=
turn over stones, browse old records, papers, documents, etc., surely we=20
can lend our small shoulders.

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Dear all!

Marc told me, that my previous message wasn't in an=20
acceptable format
wich I don't really know what means), now it is in a=20
plain text format.
it is better now.

The original message was:

I am permanently uploading new photos and=20
transcriptions of
gravestone-names/ texts to my homepage, "Jewish=20
cemeteries in Hungary".
I almost finished with Kecel, and Dombrad will follow,=20
than (if pocket
permits) Ujfeherto.
In every graveyard there are lists of perished person's=20
names too, and
of the gravestones have a commemorating plaque of other=20
Maybe some of you could tell me if any organization may=20
need those
In case you decide to take a look, I will be also=20
grateful, if you let
know your opinion about all of the content.

The address is:

The end of the original message.
Now it is something new:
Due to the fact, that the Geocities gave only 15 MB of=20
space (and it is
almost full), I decided to look after another host. So=20
now I found
place where I can post up to 100 MB., and maybe more.=20
It will be linked
to my original homepage, but until that you may see=20
only the entrance with
quote after a Jewish tale. Yet in Hungarian, but=20
english will follow...

Best regards to all!
Winter Peter

Mod: Thanks Winter Peter. You figured out the key to=20
MIME-free posting
without knowing what MIME is!! Marc.

Check this out: Jewish cemeteries in Hungary

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