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Gabor Hirsch <hirsch@...>

Henny Kestenbaum schrieb:

I am trying to trace the fate of may maternal grandfather and family who
have been deported >from Chust/Khust in 1944, family GLUCK. Any information
about the destination of the transports >from Chust would be greatly
appreciated. Many thanks, Henny Kestenbaum Toronto
I presume that Chust/Khust ist identical with Huszt. According Braham (sorry
to quote him to often, but he gives some information about the majority of the
settlements in the Shoa period)

Huszt. A helyi zsidokon kivuel Alsoszineveri, Gernyesi es Varjasi jarasbol -
toebbek kozot Alsohidegpatak es Eotvoesfalva kozsegbol - tovabbi 5000 zsidot
gyujtottek ossze a Csoregreti, Izai es Kossuth utcaban. A zsido Tanacs tagjai:
Lazarovits elnok, Rosenbaum, dr. Hegedus, dr Polgar es Markovits. A huszton
osszegyujtottek kozul 11'000 zsidot majus 24. es junius 6 kozott negy
transzportban deportaltak.

Huszt. beside the local Jews, >from the district Alsoszineva, Gernyes and
Varjas and >from the villages Alsohidegpatak and Eotvosfalv - an additional
5000 person were collected in the streets Csoregreti, Izai and Kossuth. The
members of the Jewish Council were: president: Lazarevits, Rosenbaum, dr.
Hegedus, dr. Polgar and Markovits. The 11000 Jews collected in Huszt were
deported between 24 May and 6. June in four transports.

The transports passed Kassa/Kosice 24. May (3328 Person), 26. May (3249 P), 2.
June (2396 P), 6. June (1852 P).

I hope you can follow my English, I am uneasy sometimes to send the message to
the whole H-SIG or just the interested person, I believe that others might be
also interested on this Holocaust related information.

Best regards
Gabor Hirsch

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