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Randy Schoenberg wrote: "I just found in the IKG
database the grave of my ggg-grandmother Sophie
HOFFMANN geb. BIEDERMANN (1822-1893) - misspelled
Sofie HOFMANN in the database and the phonetic search
didn't work! - at Row L2 Grave 423."

The moderator did say "please reply privately" however
as this case history is very important, I am replying
to the list. I have the Baden Friedhof book [Die Juden
von Baden und Ihr Friedhof; Verlag Grasl, Baden by H.
Meissner & K Fleischmann] and have checked the data.
There is confusion re grave numbering, as there are
old and new numbering systems.

In the book, Sofie is correctly designated as Sofie
HOFFMANN but she is buried in Grave 723 [new
numbering] not 423 and the old numbering was Grave H

This shows that databases are not infallible - someone
has to type in the data [cf nos 423 and 723 - lack of
concentration of the transcriber for one second can
lead to this type of error]!

As expected >from the numbering, Sofie's grave lies in
a cluster of numbers 720-727 and the graves behind
Sofie's grave are 766-773. I have the names of all the
people in these graves. It is a good idea to go armed
with all the names of the people in these graves - so
at least one knows when one is getting close.

720-727: RECHTNITZ Nathan; IGEL Bernhard*; STEINITZ
Berthold; HOFFMANN Sofie; PHILIPP Therese; DEUTSCH
Alexander**; FANTA Alexander; WINKLER Julius

Leon [>from Warsaw]; EHRLICH Rosalie {nee EGER} &
Moses; KATZ Paula; DULDNER Isidor; MAYER Irene;
BREURER Josef; NEUFELD Leopold & Elisabeth.

The graves at the end of the row also act as valuable
orientation markers. They are:

694/695 REICH Sidonie/Wilhelm and 794 LEITNER Leopold
& Ernestine at the South end. At the North end we find
746 HERZOG Therese. As expected, these end graves are
those of fairly important people. Sidonie was the wife
of the Chief Rabbi, Wilhelm, and the graves are all
inscribed in Hebrew lettering. Leopold LEITNER was a
member of the Kultusgemeinde of Baden and also a
tobacco wholesaler in the town.

As for the HOFMANN/HOFFMANN in the IKG database, here
they are as they appear:

Hofmann Charlotte 22.06.1937 Baden L1
Hofmann Salomon 14.12.1891 Baden R3 376
Hofmann Sofie 09.08.1893 Baden L2 423

However in the book, Sofie is written HOFFMANN and
Charlotte is indeed HOFMANN and the grave is 407 and
Salomon is not listed at all. Utter confusion.

When we get to HOFFMANN on the IKG database we have:

Hoffmann Ignatz 26.07.1886 Baden R3 247 Hoffmann
Mathilde 10.08.1903 Baden L3 697

And here Ignaz HOFFMANN does not appear in the book
but Mathilde is there {nee KNOPFELMACHER} >from Vienna
died 8 August 1903. There is also confusion about her
grave numbering.

So here is a salutary lesson for us all. When going to
look for a grave, always take the names of the
occupants of neigbouring graves and marker graves at
the end of rows; look for alternative spellings in
data bases. Never trust one source of data; if
possible if other sources are available cross check

I have yet to discover why the names of two HOFMANN/
HOFFMANN are not listed in the book. Perhaps the
graves are no longer there but the names are
registered in the IKG books. There are other names
listed as occupants for the corresponding graves.

Baden had an old-established Jewish community but was
also an important spa town and many wealthy people had
villas there. The cemetery, therefore contains a
mixture of the "indigenous" and the "immigrant" Jewish
population. Some of these may have been visitors from
other countries, taking the cure. There may indeed be
relatives of Leon GOLDMANN >from Warsaw who have been
looking for his grave for years in the wrong place!

Celia Male [U.K.]


* Dr. Bernhard IGEL 18 March 1838 - 1 July 1898 Famous
mathematician. Dozent at Technischen Hochschule,
Vienna 1874-1892

** Alexander DEUTSCH >from Vienna, later a member of
the Kultusgemeinde, Eisenstadt.

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