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Dr. Joseph M. Schwarcz, Dr. Ida C. Selavan <idayosef@...>

My girlfriend told me a similar story about her grandmother, who
jumped rope while pregnant, to the horror of the older matrons in
Ida Selavan Schwarcz
Arad, Israel wrote:

My g-g-gm married at 14 and lived norhth of Vranov, in the town of Zborov,
in Saros county. In 1874, at the age of 15, she gave birth to my g-gf. She
went over the border to her in-laws, in Tylicz, Galicia (near Krynica). The
story goes that she played jacks with the other girls while her
mother-in-law took care of her son.
Hope this helps!
-Moishe Miller

At 09:13 PM 7/17/00 -0400, wrote:
I was recently reviewing some birth certificates >from the 1880's. I
noticed that my great, grandmother gave birth in a few different villages in
Zemplen County even though she lived her whole life with her husband in
Vranov. Does anyone know if it was customary for women to leave their
husbands and go to a different village to be with other female family members
for support during childbirth?
Wayne Roth, Brooklyn New York

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