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Dear Bertha

Wellcome to the club of descendants of R' Zvi Elimelech SPIRA (was LANGSAM)
from Dynov, called the Bnej Jisass'char, after his most famous book (I am
not one of his descendants, but my wife and our children are).

The best place to look for this family is the website of Moishe Miller
(descendant of a brother of R' Zvi Elimelech miDynov):

Checking the website I could not find anything about your Weinberger family.
Louis Schonfeld, also a descendant of the Dynover Rebbe) has Weinbergers in
his family tree
(, but
they don't fit to your informations.

I would be much interested in the actual text on the gravestone. Is it in
Hebrew? How is the connection described exactly?

I found out about the connection of my family with the Dynover Rebbe by an
obituary of her grandfather, where it said: "He was a grandson of the
Dynover Rebbe". After many years of complicated research I found out that he
was not a grandson, but a greatgreatgrandson! Things are even more
complicated because one of the Dynover's granddaughters (my wife's ancestor)
married the widower of her aunt (the Dynover's daughter). (see details on
Moishe Miller's website:

Best regards

Daniel Teichman
Zurich, Switzerland

Bertha Schwarz wrote:

I was in Israel and went to the cemetery to find my GreatGrandfather's
It says; R. Nechemia Weinberger the Son of R. Pessach Moshe Weinberger
Grandson of Bnei Yssochur >from Dynov.

I like to know who was his mother of Nechemia Weinberger. Nechemia
was born in Dynov in l863 and died in Bnei Berak Israel. in l960 .

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