Petofi Society #hungary

Judy Petersen

I have a copy of the Petofi Society's 50th anniversary (1880-1930) yearbook.
The Petofi Society was a Sick and Benevolent Society founded by Hungarian
immigrants (not necessarily >from the same town) in New York City. They had
cemetary plots in Mt. Acacia Cemetary (not sure of location) and Mt. Lebanon
Cemetary (Long Island). The yearbook mentions the names of the past
presidents and officers, deceased members and members of the anniversary
committee, though not of the entire membership (which exceeded 900 at that
time). There are also articles about Alexander Petofi and the history of the
society, as well as advertisements of the businesses of some of the members.
Anyone wishing a lookup can contact me privately.

Judy Petersen
Ft. Collins, CO

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