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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Last week I wrote about the fascinating mid-1800s
travel diary of S.E. ROSENBAUM of Goltsch Jenikau,
Caslauer Kreis. We know his father was E. ROSENBAUM
and >from the evidence below, I suspect it was Emanuel,
born after the 1793 census to Samuel in Goltsch

I would like to thank Dave Bernard who went to the
trouble of looking up our diarist in the U.S.

We now have a much clearer picture of this early
Bohemian immigrant and his descendants: he appears as
Samuel, so is most probably the grandson of Samuel
[Handelsmann] listed in the 1793 census of Bohemia.
Dave comments [and I have his permission to quote]
that many, many US census dates are wrong. Samuel is
listed as 48, 56? and 74 in the 1870, 1880 and 1900
censuses. His wife Johanna is 34 in 1870 and 42 in
1880. If you look at the census in detail you find
that Samuel married Johanna >from Hamburg probably in
1850-1852. We know that he had arrived in NY in 1847.
He was still living in NY in 1870 and was a drawing
teacher. He had produced seven children by then:
Emanuel 17; Henry 14; Isaac 11; Morris 8; Sophia 5;
Eva 3 & Hermann 9 months.

By 1880, Emanuel had left home and Isaac was working
in *cigars* and a new daughter Paulene aged 8 had
appeared. Samuel is designated as *artist*. Johanna is
listed as having been born in Hanover. I wonder if
Samuel met Johanna on the boat over >from Germany? He
does indeed mention, in rather endearing terms, his
friend *Hannah* on the boat. Samuel's strong views on
the Polish Jews on board, would today be classed as
"racist"! He, as a Bohemian Jew, had little in common
with them. They appeared to be totally alien.

In 1900 Samuel, by now a widower, and designated
*painter art* is living with his married daughter
Sophie in Allentown, Pa. [as the diary stated]. Her
married name is ZELDENRUST; if you look at the city
directory you will find the ZELDENRUST family of
Allentown listed in 1899 and presumably that is where
the diary resided till Samuel's death: see p. 505

Sophie's husband Henry ZELDENRUST was born in NY but
his parents were "Belgian". Their three children are
named Diane, Eveline and Harold.

Delving into the ZELDENRUST family in the 1880 census
reveals more interesting facts; Henry's mother, Dena
{a widow}, was born in Alsace [her mother's home] but
her father [born 1810] came >from Holland. He is living
with them in NY and is listed in the census as Jacob
Nanprague. This is a mistranscription for VAN PRAGUE -
a 6-year old Jewish boy Emanuel VAN PRAGUE from
Holland can be seen in the 1891 census of England and
Wales. In other US censuses, Jacob can clearly be seen
as VAN PRAGUE. All the ZELDENRUST children, including
little Rosa aged 9, were born in Alsace so they are
recent immigrants [ie after 1871]. Furthermore you can
see an interesting Dutch-Jewish family tree with
Belgian ZELDENRUST listed on it:

In the Austria-Czech message archives you will find
that our members Wolf-Erich Eckstein [Vienna] and
Peter Lowe [UK] are linked to ROSENBAUM of Goltsch
Jenikau and so is Rob Lederer [NYC] who searched for
data on this family in 1999. I tried to contact him
but his email bounced. Does anyone know him?

Furthermore, Bernie Weill of Brooklyn, NY is also
linked to Samuel's sojourn with the WEIL family in
Strakonice as is Paul King [Jerusalem]. It is rare to
find someone serendipitously, with so many links to
members of our SIG, yet we have not yet heard >from any
direct descendants. Judging by the eight children
Samuel bore, there should be many descendants in the
US today who could trace their ancestry back to
Goltsch Jenikau in the 1700s, if they were interested
to do so.
Hopefully, at least one, is a member of our SIG.

Celia Male [U.K.]

Zeldenrust in the US censuses and local directories:

1. In 1910, Henry Zeldenrust and wife and 3 children
are still in Allentown. Samuel Rosenbaum is not living
with them. He must have died between 1902 and 1910.

2. In 1920, Henry Zeldenrust and wife [nee Sopie
ROSENBAUM] and daughter Evelyn are in Binghamton, NY.
He is a now a "Superintendant cigar factory". Samuel
Rosenbaum's son Isaac worked in "cigars" in 1880, when
he was 20 in NY - so did Henry ZELDENRUST, also aged
20. Could this link between the two boys, have
resulted in the marriage of Sophie to Henry?

3. The 1861 and 1863 Manhattan Directories show Morris
Zeldenrust, segars (sic) [Cigars] at 131 Canal St.

4. The 1881 directory lists Zeldentrust (sic), Dinah
wid. Morris h. 1036 Second Ave, (NYC)

5. Henry Zeldenrust's father's birthplace is listed as
Belgium in the 1900 census - elsewhere it is Holland.

6. You can see an *S van Prague* on the ship, Sylph
sailing >from Panama to California in 1849:

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