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I was amazed because this very topic is one I have been immersed in
myself in the past several weeks, due to my efforts to prepare a
presentation on our botanizing trips to the South Pacific, all made in
video which needed editing in digital format (I have an iMac DV special
edition used for this).

My approach was to rent one of the newer DV-standard cameras (which
*would* have a firewire port), and import the data into the computer,
edit it as needed, upload it as needed, then return the rental camera.
The problem is that you will need more than just the "right" camera and
the "right" computer: Video editing is hugely dependent on very, very,
very generous hard drive space, a very fast processor, and abundant RAM.

Another issue would be the upload to databases and websites: even with
broadband you are looking at significant time-periods of continuous
upload activity. Ironically, if you took the DV tapes to a video service
agency, the DV tapes could be very faithfully and reliably duplicated,
and each copy could be directly supplied to its destination: The website
host could rent a DV recorder and do its own upload on the premises
directly onto the server hard-drive, the database could do the same, and
your individual copy recipients would have the same result (each fending
for themselves to transfer or use the data, unfortunately).

Problem with merely copying is that it assumes you wont be doing any
editing prior to delivery of the tapes.

If I weren't distracted by a bunch of serious matters in my immediate
future, I'd happily take them (provided you could help fund the DV
recorder-rental), transfer the data to my iMac, where I could edit it
per your criteria, and retransfer any number of edited, recorded copies
to whomever you wished. I could even record them onto a digital 8 tape
(I have the Sony Digital 8 for this purpose), which is more inexpensive
and easily available, but I'm told the quality is less than DV. Perhaps
after January 1 it'll be easier for me, assuming you want me to do this.
How many tapes are we talking about?

Hope this helps?

My best to all, and a belated Shana Tovah.

David Deutsch

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