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Hallo! 11.01.00

I am helping Rabbi Lazslo Laufer to search for his two sisters and a
relative who seem to have survived Bergen Belsen and then disappeared after
the war. Anna (Chani, Hanna) Laufer was seemingly born in 1926 (or the
years thereafter), Rozsi (Rozsa, Rachel) Laufer was seemingly born in 1922
(or thereabouts). They were born in Debrecen, Hungary to the family of rabbi
Moshe Laufer, a renown rabbi of a famous rabbinical family. Their mother
was Gitta Weisblum. The grandparents originally came >from Poland.

The family was sent to Auschwitz in 1944, >from which the sisters were sent
on to Bergen Belsen where they show up in some of the survivor lists,
together with an Amora (or Amalia) Laufer, seemingly born 1928 in Debrecen.
Since Rabbi Laufer remembers there only to have been his family Laufer in
Debrecen, Amora Laufer might be a cousin. (A brother of his father in
Debrecen changed his name to Leifer so as to avoid complications with
thepostal services. It could be that he did not formally change the birth
certificates of his children and that Amora was his relative, child,....).

I have spent the last 15 months searching for the young women and found a
few traces that show that at least an Anna Laufer and an AMora Laufer seemed
to have survived several months after the war and which I am following up
on. There are also several records about Rozsi but it is not clear if these
are about the sister we are looking for.

Upon advise of the Viennese Jewish Community, I am contacting organizations
in Hungary to see whether there are any precise records about the Laufer
family in Debrecen (e.g. precise birthdates, number and names of all family
members, original address (address books), etc), any records about them
being transported to a concentration camp, records that include what
happened to family members, in particular the two sisters, after the war,
information about survivor organizations, exile Hungarian Jew organizations,
records about changing citizenships (one trace leads to Latin America, via
Casablanca, another one to Israel), records about asking for restitution,
and other records.

I would welcome any suggestion and information on your part.

I saw on your website that there is a YIZKOR BOOK about Debrecen,

Zichron L'Yehuda Debrecen(Sefar)/Debreceni Zsidok Szas Eve, A, (authors
Weinberger, Dr. Moshe Carmilly, 1970). If anyone one knows how I can get
copies of the pages containing all the Laufers having lived in Debrecen
until 1944, I would appreciate it. I have heard that there are at least two
copies existing but I cannot get access to them.

I attached questions I have sent to other organizations, and if you have
time, please go through them. If you can help us in answering any of them,
we would appreciate it. I do not speak Hungarian (although I am >from
Austria and my ancestors do come >from an originally Hungarian/Russian area),
and do know absolutely nothing about how records are kept in Hungary (as
opposed to Austria or the US).

Thank you very much for your efforts and patience in advance,

Susanne Belovari


1. How did the Hungarian system function in terms of keeping track of birth
dates and where people live in the 30s and 40s? (in Austria each person has
to report with the police where they live)

2. Does an organization exist which provides for Hungarian survivors of the
holocaust? Is there an archive keeping records about requests bz survivors
to restitute their property? ARe there exile-Hungarian organizations that I
could contact?

3. Which archives have documents relating to citizenship, addressbooks,
birth certificates, etc?

Are there records (e.g., the report cards with the police, or the
addressbooks) which include information what happened to people, e.g., their
transportation to a concentration camp or their addresses after the war?

4. How could I find out the precise birthdates for the two sisters....which
we need to check in certain data bases... and which Laufers did live in
Debrecen until 1944 and at what addresses?

Rabbi Laufer who is looking for his sisters cannot remember precisely who
was living in Debrecen of his family in 1944. Since I have repeatedly found
a trace of an Amora Laufer *also seemingly having survived Bergen Belsen
with Anna), it is possible that this Amora is a relative of Rabbi Laufer but
we would have to find old address books and birth certificates or
police/civil administration cards to know which family members lived where
in Debrecen.

5. Do Hungarian Jews have a right to pensions granted by Germany for their
forced labor in concentration camps or were Hungarian Jews excluded >from
these deals? If they were not excluded, I could check with the
organizations in Germany.

6. I have already written to the Komitatsarchiv Debrecen, to the Magayn
Auschwity Alaptivany-Holocaust Dokumentacios, to the Jewish Community of
Budapest, and the Komitatsarchiv Kerkaskapolna (Vas) since one of the traces
for Rozsi Laufer leads to Kerkaskapolna.

Do you have the addresses for the Jewish community in Debrecen and other
organizations that might be helpful in our search.

7. What have I overlooked until now and which other directions should I
look into for Hungary?

8. Do you know whether Hungarian Jews, who were transported to
concentrations camps outside of Hungary, lost their citizenships
automatically? or not? Knowing this would help if either sister ever
applied for another citizenship.

Where would information be kept about either changing one"s citizenship
(therefore losing the Hungarian citizenship) or for getting a second

I truly appreciate your time and effort, and hope to hear >from you soon.

Best Regards, Susanne Belovari

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