Hungarian "newspapers" and obituaries #hungary

DGoldman <dgoldman@...>

I think a past previous discussion of the obituary collection at the
Hungarian National Library may be available in the discussion archives.
There is also information in the journal of the JGS of Greater
Washington--MISHPACHA, vol. 18, no. 2 (summer 1998). Some of that
information is:

The collection is on the first floor of the Szechenyi Library, on Castle
Hill in Budapest. The obituaries are not newspaper announcements but
formal, printed announcements of death. The only U.S. document with an
even slightly similar purpose is a birth announcement. The collection
is largely >from the period 1900-1915, but goes >from 1864-1965. There
are some Jewish obituaries in the collection, but I would be surprised
to see any significant component of Holocaust-era materials. The
collection does not refer to all deaths of Hungarian citizens, but only
to those whose family could afford such an announcement
--Diane Goldman
Maryland USA <>

. . . Also: there seems to be an orbituary collection in Hungary that
might contain obituaries of Jews having died in the holocaust. Does
anyone know where this collection might be located? And has anyone had
experience in using it and thought it useful? . . .--Susanne Belovari

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