Slovakian Deportation Lists #hungary

melody amsel <melodya@...>

Dear H-sigers,

Re: the Slovakian deportation lists, be aware that they were often not
accurate, people were added and/or substracted at the last minute, and
sometimes babies were not listed at all.

Though bound for Poland, these Slovakian deportations paused at
waystations in Zilina or Poprad, where Jews were detained up to several
weeks. Then--upon pressing north again, a second transport list was drawn
up--or a third, fourth, or fifth,etc, since many times that Jews of a
single town were interspersed with Jews >from many places. Thus, beyond
searching for your families in the lists originating in the various towns,
it is worthwhile to look for names >from "your" town in ALL the
Zilina/Poprad lists at Yad VaShem!

In addition, keep in mind that not all the Slovakian transport lists are in
the Yad VaShem Archives--many are still in the Bratislava Archives.
Another source of information in the Archives at Auschwitz. I

I used all these sources to compile my list of perished and survived from
Stropkov in Slovakia.

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