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Gabor Hirsch <hirsch@...>

I am afraid my letter was unreadable, so I resend it in Textformat only.

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I believe I have the same kind of listing >from different source, from
Bekescsaba, neolog and orthodox
even in the same settlement might be differing even in headings, I take
Bekescsaba as an example my hometown, as well as I transcribed it.

Orthodox community; Each member of the family is on a separate line.
1st. col. running number; The 2nd col. is name, first name; 3rd col.
Mothers name, first name; 4th..  col. last address.

Neolog community; Each family member is in a common line the 1st.  col.
running number; 2nd. col. name, first name; 3rd col. Mothers name, first
name; 4th col. wife's maiden name first name; 5th col. chlordane's name
6th col. last address.

Mezotur, Each family one line and common 1st col. running number; 2nd
col. name first name; 3rd. col. last address; 4th col. mother's name
first name, 5th col. wife yes/no; 6th. col. no of children

Mezokovacshaza;  Each family one line and common 1st col. running
number; 2nd col. name first name; 3rd col. date of birth; 4th col.
family status; 5th col. mother's name first name; 6th col. first name of
family members; 7th col. birth data of fam.. members; 7th col. last

Battonya each family one line, no running number, column for birth

place, date, father's first name, mother's name and first name, address
(but settlement only)

I saw may be one list with profession added.

AS you see the lists are quite individually set up. There are quite a
lot of orthographic errors included, the list had to be prepared on
short notice. I believe it is an advantage, if you came of the place and
definitely understands some Hungarian. I am willing to send you the
computer lists of the settlements of the ghetto >from Bekescsaba if they
are identical with the ones you are going to get, because it don't give
me any additional work  but you have to validate, proof it. But as the
source is neither >from Y.V. nor >from the Jewishgen/H-SIG I want to use
them and expand them with register of death if Shoa victims, for me they
are not genealogical but Shoa documents. The settlements I am ready to
cooperate are Banhegyes, Battonya, Bekes, Bekescsaba, Endrod, Gyula,
Mezokovacshaza, Oroshaza, Szarvas, Totkomlos. The list of Szarvas is
missing, Bekescsaba is finished with some 2049 person.

Best regards
Gabor Hirsch

Louis Schonfeld schrieb:

. The following is a more complete
description  and the requirements for the various tasks needed:
. The following are the column headings:

1. sequence number 2. name of deportee, for female married deportee
includes maiden name 3. birth location 4. date of birth 5. mother's
name 6. occupation 7. address of res

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