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I have a problem with this message. There were no Austro-Hungarian
laws. Hungary for example had its own corpus juris. The situation was
quite different in Moravia. Could you identify the law you are
referring to?


Has anyone come across this situation in their research of Hungarian roots?

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Subject: Re: Jewish Marriages
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Under Austo-Hungarian law, only one marriage permit was issued per family,
and then only if a significant fee was paid. For instance, if a family had
five children, only one could legally be married.

The result is that a great many couples were married by a Rabbi "according
to the law of Moses and the traditions of Israel", but not according to the
law of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The marriage would therefore not be
recorded by the civil authorities.

Children of such couples would be listed in the Austro-Hungarian metrical
records as illegitimate.

Just another example of legal discrimination against Jews.

Doug Cohen
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Dr. Peter I. Hidas

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