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Subject: Tracing Munkacs Holocaust 'survivor'?

First, I am not sure this is of interest to the H-sig group, but I know
that you will have some dirctions for us. My father, Sam Smilovic, was a
transcriber ( with his grandaughter Jessica Freiman) for the Muncaks
cemetary list, if you recall. I ask your advice on his behalf.

Today, he received a stunning call >from the Red Cross. After 10 years,
they are ready to supply him with details about his missing brother, Bernard
or Beryl or Barry Smilovic.Long assumed dead by the surviving members of the
Smilovic household, Beryl never made his way back home to Muncaks following
liberation. But he also was never listed in any formal document as deceased.
Nagging at his heart and coinciding with his return to the devasting past
by writing a memoir, (on the Concordia University website any day now ) Sam
revisited the Red Cross search process ten years ago. Because he was told
by a survivor that Bernard was seen alive at Mathausen upon liberation, the
issue was never closed.

The spokesperson at the Red Cross gave Sam Bernard's correct date of
birth, exact deportation date to Birkenau and subequent transfer date to
Mathausen. A prisoner number was included. And finally- we are still
reeling- his departure >from Mathausen in "late May" to Bratislava.

Sam is 72 and Bernard would be 74.
Any feedback would be much appreciated.
Fern Smiley, Toronto

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