Debrecen-Information about the city, lists of martyrs and survivors #hungary

Susanne Belovari <belovari@...>

In case some of you do not know about the following resources, (as I did
not), I am sending on what the NAtional Library in Budapest and an archive
in Debrecen wrote to me.

"Deportált Híradó" (The news of the deported people) was published in
Szatmár (Satu Mare, town in the North-East of Transylvania, nowadays part of
Romania) on Jul. 8, 1945 only a few numbers appeared, till Aug. 12, 1945 and
it might list deaths of Jews >from Debrecen. Unfortunately it cannot be found
in any major library in Hungary, but according to a recent research the
"Central Library of the Babes-Bolyai Univerity" of Kolozsvár (Cluj,
Romania)contains these items (the call number is most probably P 2965).

There is a book in the NAtional library that might be useful for your
search, namely: Gonda, Moshe Elijahu: A debreceni zsidók száz éve. ( The One
Hundred Years of the Jews of Debrecen) Tel Aviv; Hungarian and Hebrew. It
includes an account of the various aspects of the city's Jewish life as well
as brief reviews of the neighbouring Jewish communities, pages 323-409
contain the list of martyrs.

There is also a book published by Gonda Moshe Elijahu, 1000 Jahre der Juden
von Debrecen (Tel Aviv 1971 A Thousand Years of Jews >from Debrecen), which
includes at least a list of martyrs. I do not know whether it also includes
information by and about survivors.

Hope this is helpful to someone else, Susanne Belovari
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