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Dov Eisdorfer of Haifa, Israel has just self-published his one name study =93The
Eisdorfer Family Genealogy: the history of the family, its origin and roots.=94
This book is the result of years of extensive research in various archives
throughout Eastern Europe and the US. This work contains approximately 1200
names divided among 13 identified branches of the Eisdorfer name. The primary
towns >from which this family emerged are Eisdorf, Pasika, Suskov, Brod,
Ilonca, Munckas, Kis-Almas, Nyiraghaza, Kisvarda, Patrohr, Gegany and Ungvar
located in Hungary and the sub-Carpathian region that is currently in the

Copies of this work are available in Hebrew and English and to date have been
placed in Yad Vashem and Beth Hatefusot.

I have no commercial interest in this work. As an Eisdorfer descendent, I
have worked extensively with him on this project, especially as pertains to
the US research. Dov does not have an e-mail address and so I serve as a
contact for further information.

Rhoda Miller
Babylon, NY

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