Re: Debrecen-Information about the city, lists of martyrs and survivors #hungary

Bob Friedman <inwood@...>

Gonda's book, A debreceni zsid=F3k sz=E1z =E9ve, is also available at:

NY Public Library Call # *PXT 76-6740 =20
Yeshiva U. Library DS135 H92 D434 1970 =20
YIVO 9/77966

Bob Friedman

On Thu, 30 Nov 2000 23:38:54 +0100, Susanne Belovari wrote:

There is a book in the NAtional library that might be useful for your=20
search, namely: Gonda, Moshe Elijahu: A debreceni zsid=F3k sz=E1z =E9ve.=
( The One=20
Hundred Years of the Jews of Debrecen) Tel Aviv; Hungarian and Hebrew. =
includes an account of the various aspects of the city's Jewish life as =
as brief reviews of the neighbouring Jewish communities, pages 323-409=20
contain the list of martyrs.

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