Bob Friedman <inwood@...>

Dear Fellow Researchers,

I find it extremely difficult to believe that there are more than 350
people out there in cyberspace who are benefitting >from the
information posted on this list but who cannot afford a tiny
contribution of $10.

Louis, Marc, and others contribute huge amounts of time and money to
keep our organization going. Compared to any other SIG dues, our
group is a fantastic bargain. How can we expect our partner Jewish
genealogy organizations to take us seriously if we don't even support
our own SIG?

C'mon people, get out your checkbooks! Stop procrastinating! =20
No more excuses--JUST DO IT!

Bob Friedman

On Mon, 4 Dec 2000 14:59:33 -0500, Louis Schonfeld wrote:

After the previous reminder of the annual voluntary dues, we received =
20 more responses. Nearly 100 of you have come forward to demonstrate in=
tangible and meaningful way that you support what we are doing. In case =
need another reminder please consider this the one you have been waiting
for. We still have not reached the "magic" 500 subscriber goal. At last
count their were 487 subscribers on the H-sig list. It doesn't seem
unreasonable for, at least, another 100 of you to send in $10 per year =
H-sig /POB 34152 / Cleveland, OH 44134. Thank you to those of you who =
responded already.

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