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Janos Bogardi / Radix <janos@...>

Dear Norman and Vivian,

Please note that that town that is called Satoraljaujhely in Hungarian (located in current day Hungary) is called Nove Mesto by people speaking Slovak. Translating the name of the place into English you get "New Town".

I believe that Satoraljaujhely, which is the former seat of Zemplen County, considering its proximity to Natafalva (Nacina Ves), would be a better match for Norman.

What do you think?

All the best,

Janos Bogardi / Radix.

Subject: Re: Nove Mesto, Slovakia near Trnava, Slov.
From: "Norman/Jean Fuhrer" <>
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000 10:48:16 -0500
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We recently purchased an AutoAtlas of Slovakia, in order to better locate my
father's birthplace, Natafalva, Hungary (now Nacina Ves). This shtetl is
approximately six miles >from Michalovce (formerly Nagy Mahaly, Hungary).

In researching the maps, we found a city or town adjacent to Trnava,
Slovakia named Nove Mesto.

We have in the past been searching for the Nove Mesto, Czechoslovakia where
my first cousin Olga (Henu) FUHRER was born in 1915 (at that time we believe
it was still in Hungary). Having sent to the Archives in Bratislavia for
her birth record, and coming up empty, because they could not determine
which Nove Mesto we referred to, we now believe that this Nove Mesto may be
the place, mostly because of it's proximity to Nacina Ves.

Can anyone tell us where we can write to possibly obtain Olga's birth
record, and also my father's birth record? He was born in Natafalva in 1894.

We would appreciate any pearls of wisdom.

Best wishes,
Norman Fuhrer
Titusville, Florida

Moderator: There are places called Nove Mesto in both the Czech and Slovak Republics. The place near Trnava is Nove Mesto n. Vahom. It's about 14 km north of Piestany. check the 1877 Hungarian Gazetteer on FHL Microfiche # 6000840 to find out where the Jewish residents >from Natafalva worshipped and then check the FHL catalog to see if any Jewish records >from that community have been filmed. Religious records created before 1895 should be in the regional archives for the area where the place was located. You might try the archives in Nitre. The address is: Statny oblastny archiv v Nitre, 951 12 Ivanka pri Nitre, Novozamocka ul. c. 273, Slovak Republic. You could also check Jordan Auslander's microfiche "Index to Jewish Vital Statistics Records of Slovakia" which indicates the loctio of Jewish records in regional archives. VK
Moderator: Satoraljaujhely seems like a good choice if Norman is sure that his relative was born in Hungary. Do post WWI records list her birthplace as Czechoslovakia or Hungary? I don't think that Sator. was ever in Czechoslovakia even though it's very close to the border. My map does indicate that Nove Mesto is the Slovak name. VK

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