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Chaim Frenkel <chaimf@...>

Bukovina might be more inclined to the sephardic customs.


"DaB" == David and BethLong <> writes:
DaB> Hello List;
DaB> Thanks to all who corrected me on the naming question. I'm not Jewish
DaB> myself, and was unaware of the custom. In my own research (Bukovina
DaB> Szekely), the opposite is true; the first son is nearly always named after
DaB> the father (and the first daughter after the mother)

DaB> Beth Long

DaB> As it is quite unusual that a son has the same first name as his father
DaB> unlike the Gentile
DaB> custom - junior ), it would be his grandfather, which was and still is
DaB> quite
DaB> customary.

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