Tisza-Lök #hungary

John Rothchild <jroth@...>

If anyone is interested in combining forces to have the stones in the=20
cemetery in Tisza-L=F6k, Szabolcs county, photographed, please let me know=
privately. (Tisza-L=F6k was the sz=E9khely, or district seat, for Dadai=
j=E1r=E1s in Szabolcs, and is not the same town as Tisza-Luc, which is in=20
Zemplen). And thanks to all who responded on my question about naming=20
conventions. The consensus seemed to be that I should transcribe the=20
original text as found, and that I should either add an additional column=20
to the spreadsheet for alternative spellings or make sure that the=20
spreadsheet is Soundex supported, both very good ideas. --Joan Hartman=20

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