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Judith A. Bacskai <jbacskai@...>

Having two changed (Hungarianized) names, I have to add my comments to this
subject. My grandmother and her sisters and brothers were born in
Muraszombat (now Murska Sobota, Slovenia) in the 1870-s. Their family name
was Neuman. The four brothers changed their name to Timar in 1917. Not only
can all their birth records be foundl at the FHL, but their name changes
were duly annotated in 1917 on those original records. I have seen similar
notations in the birth records of other towns in southern Hungary.
I hope this helps someone.

Judy Bacskai ( my husband was formerly Boschan)
aka J. Dan formerly Diamant. These changes were made shortly after WWII.

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