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Dear Louis and listers,

Re: Szazadunk nevvaltozasai (surname changes of our [19th century) Louis wrote:

moderator note2 and questions:

I wrote the following on my "Research Trip Report" date 9/27/2000:

"Finally, regarding the topic of name changes, in the Szechenyi Hungarian
National Library I found a book in the non-circulating book room titled
Szasadunk Nevvaltoztatasai 1800-1893, call number /1/171/40. It was
published in 1895 and is similar to the name change registration books
mentioned previously. This is a small format book of 253 pages and has a
brown cover. Two pages >from the book would fit on a letter sized page. The
size and number of pages would make this book amenable for photocopying."

IS THIS THE BOOK published by Viktor Hornyanszky, referred to above?
Yes it is this book. Viktor Hornyanszky is the publisher. The author is
anonymous on the book, however, we know that it was Zoltan Szentivanyi.

ALSO, PLEASE BE AWARE THAT there were semi-annual publications listing
names changes. How do these books fit into plans for distribution?: Will
the data in them be included as well?

As reported in my message of 9/27:

"...a soft cover large format book titled Kimutatas- Az 1910 evi I.
feleben engedelyezett nevvaltoztatasokrol (rough translation:
Announcement - for 1910 (part I) permission given to change family names)
his is an alphabetical listing with the following column headings
(followed by a sample listing) 1. Eredeti Vezeteknev (Adler, Samuel) 2.
Felvett uj vezeteknev (Balog)3. A csaladfo es gyermekeinek - subheading a.
polgari allasa (hentes which means butcher. b.lakhelye (Budapest) c.
szuletesi heye / eve (Szentpeter/1874 - this is birthplace and year of
birth) d. vallasa (izr.)4. trans.-registration number (171252). This file
had volumes 1 & 2 for 1910. There must be additional books such as these
for different years. I would think that these books could also be found in
Budapest libraries and archives. These books would be a valuable addition
to our research tools."
I do not know these publications.

MY FINAL QUESTION HERE IS has the work of Agnes Varkany been published and
what does her research entail?

Quoting >from the same report:

"There is a well known archivist in Budapest by the name of Agnes Varkany
who is researching these books..."
Prof. Agnes R. Varkonyi (if she is the person) is a respected historian
for early modern Hungarian history, with main interest on the 18th
century, and recently, on environmental history. I do not know if she does
any research into surname changes.

There is one more resource that I am aware of and is relevant to our
subject. Hungary's official gazette, the Budapesti Kozlony published name
changes up to 1916. So, this can be used as a continuation for the above
mentioned book. The following information
is included in the Budapesti Kozlony:
- old surname, given name(s)

- profession
- illetoseg (Zustandigkeit) - if known or applicable
- place of residence
- family members - if affected by the surname change
- new, changed surname
- permit number, which is actually the file number at Hungary's Ministry
of Interior

Hope this helps.

All the best,

Janos Bogardi / Radix.

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