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Janos Bogardi / Radix <janos@...>

Dear Chaim and listers,

Chaim Frenkel wrote:

"JB/R" == Janos Bogardi / Radix <> writes:
JB/R> - permit number, which is actually the file number at Hungary's Ministry
JB/R> of Interior

Are these records still extant?
I do not have extensive experience with them. In the two cases I have had so far
I was lucky both times: the files were available. (The archives of the Hungarian
Ministry of Interior can be found in the old building of the Hungarian National
Archives: Budapest's Becsikapu ter.) The files included official correspondence
between the ministry office and county authorities, certificates by local
authorities, and in one of the cases also the original application of the person
who wanted to change his surname. In this latter he gave the reasons for the
change, and his original signature could be found at the bottom, too. Good if you
are curious about the handwriting of the person <g>.

Due to the large amount of documents handled and stored in the archives of this
government body, there was systematic weeding out of files after a certain period
of time. I do not know if files containing surname changes were affected by this
or not.

One more thing to consider. This subject is somewhat sensitive. It is a common
practice in Hungarian archives, just like in any archives, that files get closed
for a certain period. I am not sure how long this period is in case of a surname

The clerk responsible for the Ministry of Interior files in the archives could
provide the missing information. Perhaps somebody visiting the archives soon
could contact him/her, or, next time I am there, I could also ask for some

While on the subject of surname changes. Could someone help me with a

(Thanks to Paul Lindhardt extensive work, which helped me tremendously.)

My maternal ggm was born CSILLAG, married my ggf as CSILLAG, gave
birth to my gf and his brother as STERN, died as Csillag.

The actual questions.

Why should two of her children be registered as STERN?

As far as I know, the family has always been Orthodox, so assimilation
doesn't seem to be a reason for the original CSILLAG.
Sure this will not solve your puzzle, it is still remarkable that it were not
only adult age people who changed their surnames: quite often underage people had
name changes, too. Obviously their parents arranged things for them like this.

Hope this helps.

Janos Bogardi / Radix.

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