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"JB/R" == Janos Bogardi / Radix <> writes:
JB/R> - permit number, which is actually the file number at Hungary's Ministry
JB/R> of Interior

Are these records still extant?

While on the subject of surname changes. Could someone help me with a

(Thanks to Paul Lindhardt extensive work, which helped me tremendously.)

My maternal ggm was born CSILLAG, married my ggf as CSILLAG, gave
birth to my gf and his brother as STERN, died as Csillag.

The actual questions.

Why should two of her children be registered as STERN?

As far as I know, the family has always been Orthodox, so assimilation
doesn't seem to be a reason for the original CSILLAG.


P.S. Anyone have any connections to STERN/CSILLAG >from (Nyir)Bokony?

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