Re: * Magyarositas = Hungarization (a bit long) #hungary

Chaim Frenkel <chaimf@...>

Err, did something get edited out? What book?

A> This book is either published or going to be published in Hungary.
A> Attila Róna

Chaim Frenkel

mod. I too had the same question, and Attila responded that he was
referring to the book by Bela Kempelen on Jewish noble families. Messages
that go to the list should be reviewed for clarity and reasonableness.
Also, it seems that I can't remind people enough to snip out
redundant/unecessary narrative when they are responding to questions by
others. The excisions should also include the h-sig/Jewishgen boilerplate
info at the bottom of each posted message. Also, this list cannot process
messages posted in MIME, HTML or any other "language" except "plain text".
Thank you for your cooperation.LS

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