Schantz, Schancz, Greenstein and Grunstein from Munkacs. #hungary

Dennis Baer <dbaer@...>

Hello everyone

I research the Schantz, Schancz, Greenstein and Grunstein families >from
Munkacs. My great grandfather Samuel Zanvil Schancz ran the train station
of Munkacs, Hungary >from about 1885 until 1903 according to a relative.

I have currently contacted someone >from Kiev who has friends in Mukachevo
(Munkacs) who knows someone who knows someone over 100 years old >from
Mukachevo and also someone else who worked for the railroad in Mukachevo. I
have sent some questions to get forwarded to both people and I will see if
I can get some answers. Some information you can find written down and some
information people over the age of 100 still alive carry.

With the inspiration and help over 3 years now >from Louis Schonfeld, I have
obtained a birth certificate of one of my grandfather's sisters Esther
Schantz, born in Munkacs in 1891. I have also found out the birthplace of
my great grandfather Samuel Schancz, Dobromil and I have found a member of
Jewishgen, who also researches Schantz >from Dobromil who has 4 Schantz
brothers ancestors >from Dobromil in the 1820's and 1830's Hersh, Jacob,
Louis and Mendel, where Mendel might appear my great great grandfather
Menachem Mendel Schantz. I have also learned that my great great
grandmother Golda Mirel Greenstein might repose in the desecrated cemetery
of Munkacs (Mukachevo).

You can see the Schantz family web page at

and you will see a picture of my great grandparents Samuel and Sarah
Schantz taken in New York City in 1920, 81 years ago. They got married in
Munkacs in 1885.


Dennis Baer
New York

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