My name list #hungary

Susanna Vendel <susanna.vendel@...>

Here is the list of the names I am researching.

The list number 1 containes names on my father's side and originates >from
Transylvania. The "root-names" are WEISZ >from Valea lui Mihai
(Ermihlayfalva) and WAGNER >from Sighet. The other names are branches.
1.- WEISZ /WEISS- Valea lui Mihai, Salonta, Oradea, Tisztabereg, Csaholc
BURGER - Sighet, Carei
FEHER - Salonta, Oradea
HONIG - Pittsburg
KLEIN - Valea lui Mihai, Salonta
PALLER - Salonta
SACHS - Salonta
SPITZER - Hungary
UNGVARI - Siofok
VARADI - Oradea
WAGNER - Sighet

The 2nd list is on my mother's side. The "root-names" are R(O)ESSLER rom
Zrenjanin (Nagybecskerek), Beograd (former Yougoslavia) and
POLITZER/ROSMANN >from Alba Iulia. The other names are branches.

2.-DEIM - Budapest
BERGENTHAL - Zrenjanin, Beograd
RESSLER- Zrenjanin, Beograd
ROSSLER - Budapest
FEKETE - Budapest
POLITZER - Alba Iulia, Budapest
ROSMANN - Alba Iulia, Budapest

Regards to all
Susanna Vendel, Stockholm

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