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I think you are the right track. K.V. probably means Kosice Vidiek (Kassa=20
vid=E9ki j=E1r=E1s. >>

If I may amplify and "editorialize" a bit on Attila's above comment, he is=20
not only correct (in other words, you can delete "probably" >from his=20
statement), but it is of pivotal significance in geneological/geographical=20
pinpointing if one considers that :

" Kassa Videki Jaras" =3D "District of Kassa and Vicinity"=20

There are two things important to keep in mind: The administrative=20
Districts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire are not identical to the=20
administrative Districts of current Slovakia. Incidentally, the same goes fo=
all other countries which constituted the old Austro-Hungarian Empire----wit=
the notable exception of Austria and Hungary. In Austria it is essential to=20
think in terms of "Lander" (a couple of new ones have been added after WW I.=
and in Hungary "districts" have fallen into progressive disuse after WW II,=20
until they were eliminated altogether 25-30 years ago by government decree=20
and only counties remain. This is significant because it underlines the=20
occasional, but sometimes immediate, cul-de-sacs one can encounter when usin=
current maps or the Internet...

Peter A. Gergay
San Francisco,CA

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