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Hello everyone!

I've also been lurking for a while, hoping to run across anyone who =
might be researching a LEVI connection to Hungary. I am hoping that =
some of the following names ring a bell with someone, or that someone =
might give suggestions on where else I might search.

Specifically, I am researching Isaac LEVI (the senior) who served in the =
American Revolutionary War under George Rogers Clark. According to =
testimony Isaac gave in his application for a Revolutionary War pension =
(Switzerland County, Indiana, 18 Sep 1832), Isaac was "born in Hungary =
on the _____ day of February 1749". I have no clues as to his =
parentage, but my speculation is that he came to this country either =
with family or to extended family members already residing here. I have =
not made a connection yet, but census records show that there was a =
Barnet LEVI in Franklin County, Indiana (1820), Salomon LEVY in Crawford =
County, Indiana (1820), and a Rhobert LEVI in Crawford County, Indiana =
(1830). [Spellings are exactly what is shown on the census records.]

According to Isaac's pension application testimony, he was "about =
Seventeen years old" when he came to America yet I have not been able to =
find him on any of the published immigrant ship lists in a time frame =
that matches. I believe I have located him in Virginia (George Rogers =
Clark's forces were connected with the Virginia Militia) where it =
appears he married a Judith HILL about 1793. I know there were other =
Levi (also spelled "Levy") in Virginia around that time, but I have made =
no connection there yet either. I also know he was, at various times, =
in Kentucky, Ohio, and Illinois. =20

Trying to track him through his wives doesn't help because Isaac was =
married a number of times and information on his wives, except for his =
last wife, is practically non-existent. Isaac ultimately settled in =
Indiana, with 3 sons - Abraham (also known as "Abram"), Isaac L. ("Isaac =
Jr."), and Martin, and 2 daughters - Mary ("Polly"), and Sallie. Isaac =
died in Ripley County on 21 Sep 1850. Eventually a government marker =
commemorating his Revolutionary War service was placed on what once was =
his farmstead, but the actual location of his grave is lost. His =
descendants live on in Indiana, particularly in Rush County and, for the =
most part, have no clue that he was Jewish. Isaac was briefly =
mentioned in an article written by Timothy J. Crumrin, "Early Jews in =
Indiana" and may be seen on-line at: = . =20

Although none of Isaac's descendants appear to have been raised with any =
Jewish traditions, I was quite pleased to discover that he is my =
g-g-g-g-grandfather (I am descended through his daughter Mary/Polly who =
married John CLEVENGER). I worked closely with a number of =
"conservadox" Jewish people (although there was 1 reform fella in the =
bunch) and developed a great affection for Jewish people - the sense of =
humor, support of each other, and love for a their own very rich =
heritage. I learned much >from them, acquired quite a Yiddish =
vocabulary, attended the bar mitzvah of my employer's eldest son, and =
even joined the local Jewish Community Center (great athletic =
facilities!). At the time none of us knew about old Isaac. An =
interesting and amusing side note - my generation of Isaac's descendants =
are also of Japanese and American Indian descent. My Jewish employer, =
co-workers and I always had fun exploring the "tribal thing" present in =
our families. In fact, it brings new meanting to a great line in the =
movie "The Frisco Kid" with Gene Wilder - when Gene Wilder's character =
says (while teaching a folk dance to some Indians) "you better watch =
that lady - I think she's a Jewish Indian!" =20

Thank you for your patience with this long letter. All suggestions and =
tips are greatly appreciated!

Yours in friendship,

Robin (Clevenger) Kills a Hundred

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