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Bob and Hazel Keimowitz <rkhk@...>

I am looking for information on ancestors and descendants who generally came
from Szabolcs county, the bulk of whom lived in Nyirbator. Names include:
Shimon/SIMON KEIMOVITS born abt. 1838 and his wife Hanna Spitz born in 1841
Shimon was the son of RAFAEL MENASCHE, born in 1807 in Nagyszollis and
in 1808 in Nyirbator
Shimon's siblings include Mihaly, Abraham, Eszter, and Maria. This
couple was already
fairly assimilated; we know that children of Mihaly changed their
names to Kovacs, and
there are a few Fodor's in the clan as well.
Hanna (Simonne Spitz), was the daughter of Herman Spitz (1803) from
Karoly and his wife
Rebecca Efraim (1804) >from Szigeth; Hanna's siblings include Beti,
Samuel, Julianna,
and Lajos Spitz.

The children of Shimon and Hanna included: Rozalia (Zali) and her twin,
Rudolph; Regina
Davidne Aron); Rebecca; Herman (husband of Zali Klein); Zsigmond (aka
Zalmon); Betti
(Aronne Steiner); Giza (Victorne Schwartz).

However, one of the sons, Rudolf (Rafael) was bal tsuva, and married
Gizella, born of a religious family, and daughter of:

Moshe Baruch Grunfeld, possibly >from Vitka and his wife Eszter.
Their children included (in addition to Gizella): Leni, and Mali, and
4 or five other
daughters most of whom appear to have been born in Vitka

Any assistance/links would be greatly appreciated.

Robert I. Keimowitz
Washington, DC

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