Family Names #hungary

Aaron E. Rosenberg <a-j.rosenberg@...>

Possibly, I am the last to post this.

Here are family names I am researching. All the villages are currently in
Slovakia. Besides emigrants to America, some family members are believed to
have left these villages to pursue more prosperous lives in larger cities in
Hungary, notably, Miskolc and Budapest.

ROSENBERG: Hazin, Kamenica (near Humenne), Stropkov
KAUFMAN: Slovenska Kajnya
WEISBERGER, GRUNFELD: vicinity of Humenne presumably)
FRIEDMAN: Secovce, Sacurov
MANDEL: Secovce
SCHON: Czeke (near Satoraljaujhely)

Still hanging in there,

Aaron Rosenberg
Berkeley Heights, New Jersey

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