1858 Gazetteer #hungary


Purely for your information, I am providing some data >from an old gazetteer I
found in my local LDS Family History Center. It may provide background
information for you. I do not vouch for its accuracy.
Sam Vass, Kent, WA, USA

From: A Complete Pronouncing Gazetteer or Geographical Dictionary of the World
Edited by J. Thomas, MD and T. Baldwin assisted by several other gentlemen
Philadelphia, JB Lippincott & Co. 1858

Drietoma a village of Hungary, in Hither Danube county and 6 miles >from
Trentschin Population 1719

Trentschin written also Trentsen and Trentsin a walled town of North-west
Hungary, capital of a county on a castle-crowned height, on the left bank of
the Waag, 40 miles N of Neutra population 2898

Lipnicza, Also Lipnicza and Felsi Lipnicza, two villages of North Hungary,
county of Arva, 44 miles NW of Kesmark, on the Schwarz, population of the
former 3403 of the latter 1514
[Note: Actually, Lipincza is on the Fekete Arva (the Black Arva River), a
tributary of the Vah and the population numbers appear to be excessive.]

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