missing 1848 census #hungary

Alex Miller <AMiller@...>

Hello Louis and all

I thought that the sensational announcement on the discovery of the
missing 1848 census will generate equally sensational discussion!!

I would think that this discovery would be too valuable to wait until it
is computerized by the people who have the material. Not only that , but
I suspect they would be interested in financial support for the project
. I would gladly pay $100 to get some select pages >from my ancestral
village in Zemplen.

Can you direct an inquiry to the party you mentioned in your message?=20

Best Regards,

Alex Miller
Reading, PA

Mod.-several individuals have contacted me directly regarding this matter.
I will tell you what I told them: the information is in the hands of
Gyorgy Haraszti of Budapest, known to many of us as the editor of a two
volume work (in Hungarian) on Jewish documents available in the Hungarian
Archives. His e-mail address is Haraszti@beia.huninet.hu I do have to
advise you that Gyorgy Haraszti is a principal in the genealogy research
firm Hungaragenons. His partner in that business is (first name - unknown)
Harmati. >from my previous discussions with Gyorgy Haraszti it appears to
me that the publication of the census is connected to a commercial
venture. At this point this entire matter is a conundrum. I have asked
ndividuals who have a relationship with either G. Haraszti or Professor
Michael Silber to intervene and find out more specific details about which
material is available and when it might become available to the public.
I hope those of you who will contact G. Haraszti about this matter will be
thoughtful and discreet. If he receives a barrage of curt or unseemly
e-mail it may cause a further muddying of the waters. I have no particular
privilege with either G. Haraszti or Professor Silber, and rely on their
goodwill to cooperate with us. I also want to caution you that any
messages or discussion sent to H-sig either promoting or detracting
individuals, groups or commercial enterprises will not be presented to
this forum. This is in accordance with the rules of Jewishgen and the
policies of H-sig. Those of you who have additional information regarding
this matter or who wish to express criticism, praise or other relevant
concerns may send me a private e-mail. I agree with Alex that this is an
important issue which we shouldn't allow to fade away. Nevertheless, and
here I repeat myself, caution and propriety must reign in such a public
forum. Private correspondance allows for less restraint, and a more open
dialogue. We are all familiar with the statement >from the Talmud: "It is
sufficient only to give a hint to the wise", which later became
popularized as the expression, "a word to the wise is sufficient."-
(And now you know the rest of the story)LS

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