Re: Post 1895 Records #hungary

Michele Sankar <sankosy@...>

Hi -

If I understand correctly, the post-1895 records are available to us. If that is so, is it
only the ones prior to 100 years ago (i.e. to 1901)? Is that an FHC "rule" or a Hungarian
archive "rule"? Do we have to know the region in which an event took place? Would the
Hungarian National Archives have this info?

I would like to find out about a marriage that took place in approximately 1912, give or
take 1 year. Besides the names of the bride and groom and that the wedding was in Hungary,
I know nothing else about the city or anything else. Is it worth writing to the archives
for this, or must I wait another 11 years?!

Many thanks.

Michele Sankar
Richmond Hill, ON

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