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Louis Schonfeld <Lmagyar@...>

There have been one or possibly two offensive individuals who were
subscribers to the H-sig
list. Any messages that these individuals wrote were subject to acute
scrutiny and rarely, if ever,
made it to the H-sig message board. However, there is no way to stop foolish
or outrageous messages
sent by these misanthropic individuals to individuals whose message appears
on the list. To the best of my knowledge,
the two offenders are no longer part of our subscription list.
If we allow one or more individuals to dictate the terms of our submissions
based upon their personal biased agendas then they would have succeeded in
distorted mission. It is the responsibility of the moderator
to reject personal attacks, or outrageous comments >from being sent out to
the entire list.
If I have allowed such messages to filter through, please accept my apology
to those who were effected. Please don't
allow my mistakes to influence your involvement with this group. This is
your list, and it was established
to provide mutual assistance and assist all those interested in researching
their Hungarian Jewish roots. Our group includes
novices and experts, Jews and gentiles, individuals who came >from that area
recently, and those whose only physical contact
with that area is the DNA of an ancestor who arrived here along with Lajos
Kossuth after the loss of the 1848

Other comments and notes:

H-sig is receiving some very useful and important messages that have been
sent in MIME or HTML format. The Lyris
processor used by Jewishgen cannot accept messages in these "languages" and
therefore they must be rejected.
Please resubmit your messages in "plain" text format only (for Outlook
users - go to the format tab to make
the change).

Another item:

In order to have a meaningful outcome for our internal survey on H-sig's
Hungarian speakers, I would like to remind those who haven't responded, to
please do as soon as possible. To assist you in gauging your Hungarian
language skills I have suggested the following guidelines. Feel free to
amend them as you need:

Regarding Hungarian language skills please indicate the level of fluency in
the following manner:

Category 1 (lowest level) please write "C". This means you are only
conversant in the language. Your speaking ability
is such that you can navigate throughout Hungary by yourself without causing
a major diplomatic incident. You wouldn't
understand very much of a scholarly lecture, and your reading comprehension
is limited to a Hungarian version of
a Dick and Jane reader. You can spell Satoraljaujhely only because you
memorized it. I fit into this category.

Category 2 please write "R". This means you have a 6th grade knowledge of
Hungarian reading and comprehension.
You can understand the entirety of a scholarly lecture except for the "big"
words. At one time you were able to
speak freely with the vocabulary of a an eleven year old, but now you speak
Hungarian with your some of your friends
and acquaintances, especially when attending religious services. If you
regularly speak with your wife in Hungarian,
then give yourself an "R" plus. "R" stands for rusty. "R+" means rusty, but
well oiled.

Category 3 please write "F": This means fluent - Hungarian is your "mother
tongue". You speak, read and write the language better than you do English
or any other language. You may not know the meaning of every Hungarian word,
but the same applies to those of us who consider ourselves fluent in

Category 4, the highest level, please write "P"- You are a graduate of a
Hungarian university, or have at least, a master's degree in that language
from any university in the world. You may also be a professional translator.
I only know of one subscriber in our group who is a profession translator,
and that is my good friend Peter Gergay; however, I don't doubt
that there are others as well. "P" stands for professional ("P+" means that
your Hungarian language skills have brought you
riches and fame - see Zsa Zsa Gabor)

While we are conducting surveys, I thought it might be interesting for all
of us to know how many of our 500 plus subscribers live outside of North
America, and in which countries they reside. Again the information will only
be reported on a statistical basis and no individuals or individual e-mail
addresses will be displayed.

Another reminder: there are several outstanding projects and voluntary
assignments that have been undertaken by individuals and groups within Hsig.
Please e-mail me privately with an update as to the status of your project
and a reasonably fair estimate of when you think the work will be complete.

One final matter: if you know that you didn't include your full name (in
addition to
your e-mail address) on the subscription form for H-sig, please send me a
private e-mail.
Jewishgen rules require that full and true names be included on all the
subscription applications.

My e-mail is or

Best wishes

Louis Schonfeld
Cleveland, OH

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