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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Andrew Judkins asks for information about the STEIN family of Skopitetz
[Skopytyce], near Tabor, or any information on STEIN living in that region
in the 1800s. His gt-grandfather Siegmund STEIN was born in Skopitetz on
09/09/1861, the son of Alois Stein."

In the 1793 census of the Tabor Kreis, there are only two Jews living in
Skopitetz, in the Herrschaft of Chausnik - Markus and Jonas METZEL. They
were both single, involved in fabrics and lived together.

However, there were a number of STEIN families in the Tabor Kreis:

1. Jakob STEIN who comes >from Chausnik Herrschaft but has moved to Kardasch
Retschitz. Married to Anna, no children as yet. Works for the Jewish community
as medical orderly.

2. Bernard STEIN, Kardasch Retschitz - who appears to have changed his name
from KOPPERL. The rest of the KOPPERL family also lives in the village.
Bernard had one daughter. Deals in fabrics.

3. Daniel STEIN, a servant boy living in Esche >from Herrschaft Kamen.

4. Elias STEIN - wealthy - ten year tobacco and alcohol concession in
Kletetschka - only permitted Jew. One son Lebel.

5. Wolf STEIN - wealthy - tobacco concession and fabrics; living with wife,
mother and probably two brothers [Heinrich and Joseph] in Horzepnik.

6. Lazar STEIN - wealthy - alcohol and potash distilling concession. Only
Jew in Gross Chischka. Four daughters and two Wolff and Sael.

7. Moises STEIN - wealthy - alcohol and potash distilling concession, >from
Wtschelnitz. Two daughters.

8. Salamon STEIN, a peddler >from Augezdl, Klattauer Kreis, living in Tutschap.
A daughter Eva.

There is no real clue here about Andrew's ancestors. There is not one Abraham
who could have been the grandfather of Alois [dob probably 1830-1835]. Any of
the above STEIN could have had more sons after 1793.

Jakob STEIN is the most likely candidate. He may have moved back to his home
village and had a family. Unfortunately, no ages are given in this section
of the census, but he is likely to have been relatively young.

There is at least one other possibility - there are 8 other Jewish families
in Chausnik itself, including METZEL; 3 KOHN; SCHWARZ; SCHMOLKA; LAEFFLER and

Bernard KOHN had a son Abraham, so did David METZEL. They may well have
changed their names to STEIN to avoid confusion [nb Bernard STEIN above
in point 2].

The only way forward is to investigate the BMD and the Familianten records
in Prague.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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