Success and some questions #hungary

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On the LDS microfilm for the Jewish community of
Murska Sobota (Muraszombat) I have found two items.
My gf's sister's birth record and my ggf & ggm's
marriage record. Both give R. MORGENSTERN's
birthplace as Nemetujvar. My ggf's parents' surnames
are MORGENSTERN and BRAUN. The marriage record gives
ggm's birthplace as St. Tamas and that the location of
the wedding was in Pursta Metner. (My spelling of the
place names is probably off.) My ggm's parents'
surnames are NEUMAN and POLIOZER.

My main question concerns the places mentioned. (I
put them through ShtetlSeeker, but couldn't do
anything with the information I got.) Where are they?
What are they called today?

Also, do these names and locations happen to match


Newman,Morgenstern, Blass(Slovenia)
Szall, Nemeth (Vas, Hungary)
Szabo, Koch (Beregszasz, Hungary)

Moderator: Muraszombat, now Murska Sobota, Slovenia, was in Zala megye in the southwestern corner of old Hungary. Check the 1877 Hungarian Gazetteer on FHL Microfiche 6000840 to find Nemetujvar. Pursta is probably a corruption of Puszta. There are a number of places in this area that have names including Puszta, which is, I believe, the name for the great Hungarian plain. According to my dictionary, puszta also means farmstead or ranch. VK

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