1869 Census #hungary

Michele Sankar <sankosy@...>

Hello -

After having focused all of my research on birth/marriage/death
registers, I had decided it was time to investigate the censuses I had
heard so much about. It seemed that this would be a perfect way to get
the "whole picture" of a family, and 1869 was in the right time frame
for my search. In the past, I have used Canadian and English census
records and have gleaned much info when I saw the list of family
members, year and location of birth, religion, occupation, etc.

Imagine my disappointment when I finally got my hands on the reels for
the Somogy megye census of 1869. Yes, it's divided by towns which are
listed alphabetically, but there is not a human name to be found.
Instead, it's pages of spreadsheets which merely list the house number
(not even street name in the smaller areas), number of males/females,
number of occupants who could read/write, number and type of livestock
possessed, the total number of townspeople born in each year - just
lists of numbers. Some villages included columns in which the religion
was checked off, but the forms were not consistent among the towns and
not all had this. No words were written at all - just dots and numbers.

Is this typical of each 1869 census, or just for Somogy? Have I misread
something? Is there another appendix to the reels that I don't know
about? My Hungarian is "functional" and I have a dictionary, so I could
figure out what was on the spreadsheets, but the data seemed quite
useless to someone looking for family info. I have no way of knowing my
ancestor's house number, plus my town didn't include religion on its
pages so I couldn't even narrow things down.

It would be interesting to learn if anyone has found the 1869 census to
be of any use. Perhaps I'm using it wrong and shall gladly accept
direction on how to extract family information.

Many thanks.

Michele Sankar

Moderator: There are many records created >from each census and not all of them include names and other data for specific individuals. The 1869 Census for Zemplen megye does include the ages, birth places, religion, occupation, marital status, and other information for each individual enumerated at every address. According to my records, the Family History Library has only fragmentary records for Somogy >from the 1869 Census. The FHL does have other records >from Somogy. VK

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