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Tom Venetianer <tom.vene@...>

Just to add my 2 cents to this very interesting discussion, born in
Kosice (Kassa), I was raised speaking 3 languages: Slovakian (my
father), Hungarian (my mother and German (my grandmother). We never
spoke yiddish and I never heard somebody in my family or close
relationship speaking yiddish. We did use a lot of yiddish
expressions. Even in concentration camp (Terezin), I don't recall
having heard somebody speaking yiddish. It is my impression (I could
be wrong), that yiddish was only spoken by the very orthodox Jews in
Northern Hungary (Ung, Sziget, Bereg, etc. counties). My mother's
family was orthodox, even so they didn't speak yiddish. They did
speak, once awhile, Hebrew, but their daily language was Hungarian.
German was the lingua franca of educated Jews, Hungarian the common
language and Slovak was spoken by nationalists such as my father.
Keep in mind that we were living under the Czechoslovak Republic and
President Tomas Masarik (after whom I was named) was a very much
admired philo-semite. Even President Benes, who followed Masarik, was
a friend of the Jews. Thus my father was a proud Czech-Slovak (he was
born in Presov-Eperjes).

Wishing to all a kosher Pessach sameach
-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. -.-.-
Tom Venetianer <mailto:tom.vene@uol.com.br>
Sao Paulo - Brazil

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