Language and life in Kassa/Kosice #hungary


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My grandmother, Erna ASCHNER, was born in Kassa in 1895. She told me she=20
went to a secular gymnasium where the language was Hungarian. In 1907 she=20
brought over a few of her school books and they are in both Hungarian and=20
German. She said her very observant Grandparents hired a Yeshiva bucher to=20
teach the children Hebrew . At the time she was very Orthodox and went to=20
Shul daily....
She lived, at the time, in the Great Armory of the Austro-Hungarian Army,=20
where the Hussars were stationed, and described, colorfully, the imposing=20
figure the soldiers cut when they went out on maneuvers while she and her=20
cousins hid in the cornfields to watch them. =20
She and her cousins lived in the Armory because my great great Grandfather,=20
Simon GOLDMANN, ran the canteen there for the soldiers. My great great GM,=20
Lena Langer GOLDMANN used to do a lot of supervising the local peasants in=20
the kitchen. Grandma spoke of them routinely wearing their colorful native=20
costumes with many petticoats. Her GM would read Bible stories to the young=
ones in the kitchen .=20
I do believe they spoke Yiddish as well because I remember my grandmother=20
refusing to in later years saying she didn't want to advertise that she was=
Jewish in America; she also pulled back >from being observant. I think the=20
traumatic loss of her mother to cancer in 1932 followed by losing her close=20
cousins in the Holocaust, with whom she was raised and maintained contact=20
with, figured in this stance.

She described the countryside of Kassa as very beautiful; fields covered=20
with wild flowers. If you go to and follow links there are=20
many pictures of old Kassa under history, there is also an aerial view.=20
Between these pictures and those shared with me by Bobby Furst it is possibl=
to see what a truly beautifully city and countryside it is.

Anyone with any information or pictures of old Kassa please contact me as I=
am keeping an album for my family. Thank you.
Linda Rakoff
Newton, MA
searching =A0ASCHNER-Assakurte, Katlo, Beuthen/Bytom, Danzig, Chorzow=20
[Konigshutte], Berko, Hradiste, Bratislava, Budapest ,Nyitra, Kosice,=A0=20
Spisska Nova Ves, Wien; BRETTSCHNEIDER, Galicia;=A0 BUCHWALD- Wien,Budapest,=
Malacky GELBERG/LIPSHITZ-Galati; GOLDMAN(N),=A0 LANGER -Kosice, Spisska Nova=
Ves,Bolyar; Miskolc, Presov; GORDON-Molatai, Vilna; LOW'Y-Hradiste, Spisska=20
Nova Ves; KOOPER,LISSAUER-Losonc, Miskolz;=A0 KOHN, STINGL: Wien, Bratislava=
RAKOFF-Kelce,Russia=A0 RIESENBERG-=A0 Bolygen, Horodenka, Kasperowicz, Zales=

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