Kosher H-SIG and Jiddish #hungary

Gabor Hirsch <hirsch@...>

It seems that tastes are quite different, to be quite honest I preferred
H-SIG as it was in the earlier time, when beside strict genealogy, there
were also some discussion or information of Holocaust, kitchen or
recipes and other and the opinion of the moderator were as separate
contributions and not as comments added to contributions of the members,
but tastes are different. The question is, is it possible to satisfy
both sides by having a
glatt kosher genealogy as well as a bit treffe ones too by marking them
in the subject line, so that it can be filtered out by the majority of
the browser, so the pure genealogists are not offended by trivial
messages. I believe there are no Forum for Hungarian Holocaust related
themes or information. It started sometimes on the ?Magyar Zsido Home
page but in my opinion it was everything but not satisfying.

There were several contributions regarding Yiddish language. I  don't
doubt that many communities with a high rate of the Jewish population
and with professions where you didn't have to deal with non Jews,
Yiddish was important and the language to speak, but as sales or
tradesman with a dominantly not Jewish clientele or a student in
gymnasium you had to speak in Hungary after Trianon
Hungarian. Nobody I knew >from my Mother or Father's family spoke
Yiddish, not even - if I am correct - my aunt who emigrated with her
husband in 1934 to Israel and as I heard they were quite unhappy because
their Ivrit was also very poor. In my hometown with about 50000
inhabitants the Neolog community counted around 1250 the orthodox some
800 persons. A friend >from an orthodox family mentioned (he visited the
gymnasium), that they spoke at
home Hungarian only. It might have been different in smaller orthodox
oriented communities. The only time I missed Yiddish was in
Auschwitz/Birkenau, where as late comers to the sufferings we were not
fully accepted by the earlier inmates - the Hungarian (non
religious) Jews represented the lowest level of the hierarchy -, the
religious ones - even >from Hungary - were better accepted.

Best regards
Gabor Hirsch

Tom Venetianer schrieb:

To all who wish a strictly kosher H-sig, don't be so quick to throw
the stones on me. This was a thread which circulated recently on this
forum. I feel it very much pertinent, actually this is what makes
this forum more human. Please notice that our dear moderator called
the discussion, which was totally out of the subject of genealogy,

Ease up folks :-)

Tom Venetianer <>
Sao Paulo - Brazil

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