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My father came >from Maramaros County, the part that is now Ukraine. The
language of his family was Yiddish although he knew a little Hungarian.
My mother came >from Bereg County. Her primary language was Hungarian
but she knew a little Yiddish. Both my mother's and father's family were
Orthodox. After they married in the U.S. the both became proficient in
each other's language as well as in English.


MEYEROWITZ/MAJEROVIC: Lipsha, Ukraine (formerly Hungary)
BERMAN: Mezokaszony/Kosoni, Botrad/Botragy, Ukraine (formerly Hungary)
CHAIMOWITZ/HAYFER: Dragovo/Drahiv/Kovesliget, Ukraine (formerly Hungary)
SOLOMON: Mezokaszony/Kosoni, Ukraine (formerly Hungary)

Herb Meyers
Boulder, CO

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Date: Tuesday, April 03, 2001 11:36 PM
Subject: Yiddish in Hungary

I have found that my Hungarian relatives
do not for the most part speak Yiddish.

Whatever my father knows he learned
here. The son of the rabbi >from his town,
does speak Yiddish. So orthodoxy might
have been the key factor.

Avrumy Heschel mentioned that his interviews
were for the "YIVO Zamler Project").

Would they be interested in any of our
interviews with our relatives?

Michael Kelemen

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