addendum to Language in Kassa/Kosice #hungary


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Oh yeah, I just read Tom V.'s contribution. I remember also that My GM said
my Gt Gt GM spoke Slovakian to the peasants. They lived in Kassa since the
1870s. I too got the sense that Yiddish was not a 'player' in the household.
My grandmother and her brothers born in 1897 and 1898 all called themselves
Hungarian Jews. When they came to New York with their parents in 1907 they
lived in a number of places in the Yorkville [or is it Yorktown?] area of
NYC,....the east 80s and uptown. There seemed to be a meaningful Hungarian
presence there. I recall attending a family party at a traditional Hungarian
night club around 86th St....I'll never forget the fabulous violins!
Linda Rakoff
Newton, MA

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