Barkaszo, village near Munkacs #hungary

Floyd Knight <knigh002@...>

I would appreciate any information on this village of
Barkaszo in the former Austria-Hungary and Czechoslovakia.
It was about 10km >from Munkacs, now Mukachevo, Ukraine.
There were about 12 Jewish families there toward the end of
the 19th century. During the mid-19th century, my gggf
Reisman helped to build a wooden synagogue for the
community. I believe most of the families were farmers.
There was also a mineral springs there. I have not been
able to find a map showing a village with a similar name.

In addition to seeking any information about Barkaszo, I am
wondering how to conduct investigations of people in these
small villages. I believe that these residents would have
appeared in lists for Munkacs, but is there anything else
that I, and others, should know when doing research? Are
there any references to synagogues and congregants in small

A general reference question: Is there a resource that would
list not only town names, but the larger district (county?)
names in which the towns are located during the changing
political geography? What would they be for Munkacs?

Thanks for any help,
Belina Reisman
Reisman, Munkacs; Weiner, Odessa; Zimmerman, Lomza, Poland;
Nacht, Bucharest; Schwartz, Romania and Liverpool

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