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Some are very simple to decode, some need a bit of guessing:

Salamon is the Hungarian rendering of Solomon
Jakab is the Hungarian rendering of Jacob
Simon is the Hungarian rendering of Simon :-)
Lipot is Leopold in Hungarian
Herczeg means "prince",
probably a Jewish surname of German origin -> Fu:rst or Fu:rstman
Kelemen is typically a Hungarian surname, used by Jews
Geber is likely German (it means "giver"), although with a Jewish twist
Ra'c or Ra'cz (Ratz) is a Hungarian surname, I met Jews with that surname
Ra'nc means "wrinkles" in Hungarian, maybe a non-Jewish surname
Tresshaft is German, maybe a contraction of Tresse (gallon) and Haft (prison)
Zsaicz could be a misspelling of Zeitz, a Jewish surname
Nyisztor, Illes and Venczel beats me

At 00:00 -0500 11.04.01, Hungarian SIG digest wrote:
>| Subject: Jewish Surnames in Bukovina (Radautz area)
>| From: David and BethLong <dnblong@...>
>| Date: Mon, 9 Apr 2001 23:34:54 -0700
>| I have been working for several years on a database of the five Hungarian
>| villages of Bukovina (Andrasfalva, Hadikfalva, Istensegits, Fogadjisten,
>| and Jozseffalva).
>| I now have over 18,000 people in the database, and I have questions about
>| some of the surnames, which sound German, but are not connected with the
>| (Catholic and Lutheran) German settlers of the established
German villages.
>| Geber Salamon Illes Venczel
>| Nyisztor Tresshaft Jakab Zsaicz
>| Koka Simon Rancz Kelemen
>| Leopold/Lipot Herczeg Ratz
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