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Dear Louis. Welcome home. As I already informed you once in my office, Tamas
Stark is highly regarded by his colleagues at the Institute of History of
the Hungarian Academy of Science as an expert on demography and statistics.
He is the author of a large number of studies (monographs and articles) on
the losses of Hungarian Jewry, including the one your correspondent noted.
Professor Geza Komoroczy, the head of the Judaic Studies Institute of the
Academy, identified Stark as a "minimizer," that is someone who is dedicated
to "demonstrate" that the losses of Hungarian Jewry were much lower than
those referred to by other scholars, including myself. His conclusion is
that Hungarian Jewry suffered "only" around 400,000 casualties. My estimate
of the losses is around 550,000. The popularly held view is that the
Hungarian chapter of the Holocaust claimed 600,000 lives. I wish you and
yours a very Happy Passover. Randy

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