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As a colleague and friend of Tamas Stark, I was delighted to read Doctor
Braham's synopsis of =

Tamas Stark's professional reputation in Hungary, according to his fellow=
and the director at the
Institute of History in Budapest. Braham is regarded universally as the
premier modern historian of =

Hungarian Jewry. =

True, Braham and Stark have arrived at different totals for the Holocaust=

toll in Greater Hungary, in =

part because they used somewhat different sources and in part because the=
used different methods. =

Although I am a pre-1920 specialist, I am familiar with both authors'
works. I am confident that =

neither scholar began with a higher or lower figure of the Holocaust tol =
his mind, and then used his =

research to 'prove' his conclusion. Rather, I am certain that Braham and=

Stark each set out to =

determine the scope of the Holocaust in Hungary, and advanced his claim
according to the data in the =

sources he used. They are both scholars of highest integrity, and would
never 'dedicate' themselves to =

claim something counter to the sources.

Readers of H-Sig will profit considerably >from having a look at each
author's work.

Maureen Tighe-Brown

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