Re: Celia Male #austria-czech

Logan Kleinwaks

Saddened to hear of Celia Male's passing. She was extremely helpful
to me when I first got started in Jewish genealogy, sharing generously
of her time and knowledge. Thanks to her, several branches of my
family were united. She opened my eyes to the possibilities of
researching Galitzianers in Viennese sources, where we found critical
genealogical information that was not present in Galician sources.
Her numerous posts to Jewish genealogy mailing lists undoubtedly
helped and continue to help many others. Though I only had the
opportunity to meet Celia once, many years ago, at the U.S. Holocaust
Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., I still remember how passionately
she was researching her family >from Pressburg.

Logan Kleinwaks

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